Thursday, September 13, 2007

Noisy Times

It's been a noisy few days here at the homestead. We're in the process of getting new siding put up and my god the noise...noise...noise. Its constant hammering away. It will look fine when its done, but the outside of the house is a mess with all the debris. I do give them props for cleaning up rather well at the end of each day, but I'm ready for them to be finished. The dogs are going crazy. They alternate barking their heads off with cowering under our desks. They definitely want the noise to just go away.

Right after work today, Ann and I are heading out to College Park to attend the Maryland vs. West Virginia football game. We do a little tailgating first, of course. We're trying to decide what to bring to eat. Its a toss-up between KFC chicken or subs. There will be adult beverages of course. Its a big game for both teams after each has opened with cupcake opponents. This game usually determines how each will fare for the rest of the season. I certainly hope Maryland wins as having to put up with West Virginia fans afterwards will be a drag. They have, by far, the most obnoxious fans in the world.

Our first head race of the season is this Saturday. Its the Wye Island Regatta put on by the Annapolis Rowing Club. Its a 12.5 mile race around Wye Island on Maryland's eastern shore. The weather forecast sounds promising ( mid 70s). Now as long as its not windy, it should be a good time. Good time being relative in this case. It will be constant rowing for 90 minutes. Blisters will be many, but its still a good time.

We heard from the Head of the Charles and we got four entries. Two Senior Master entries (Men and Women) and two club entries (Men and Women). Usually we are lucky to get one entry so we feel like we hit the jackpot. That should make everyone happy.

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