Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cold, Rainy and Windy

Cold, rainy and windy about describes the weekend. Starting on Friday the temperature dropped and the rains began and it continued most of the weekend. It was that damp cold rain that chills you to the bone no matter what you wwear. Due to the weather it was mostly a stay indoors kind of weekend.

Friday, knowing what the weather would be, I actually slept in rather then get up at the crack of dawn to go rowing or biking. I got up around 8:15, which is the latest I've slept for some time. After slacking the morning away, Ann, The Son and I headed out to lunch at Red Lobster and then some shopping at Target. After returning home, we watched the movie "Defiance", which I was looking forward to. The movie was just ok, although the story itself is compelling. Basically it's about Jewish resistance fighters in Belarus and the three brothers that led this band. One of the features of watching a movie on DVD that I reallt like is the "making of" special features. The one statement that caught my attention from that featurette, is that there are 19,000 people living today, descendants of this small group of people, who decided to hide out and occasionally fight the Germans rather then face the Death Camps.

Saturday was more rain and the temperature dipped into the low 40s. We had practice, but it was shortened as the wind chill was in the mid 30s. We also had tickets to the Maryland-Virginia football game, but neither Ann or I had a desire to sit out in the cold and the rain. Given the outcome of the game, which we did watch on TV, it was just as well. Lots of fumbles and a few field goals, but the action was pretty slow. Saturday was just a disaster for the college teams we follow. Maryland lost, Virginia Tech lost and Auburn lost. Ohio did win so there was that.

On Sunday, our coach called off our practice a we woke up to temperatures in the 30s with a building wind. I was glad for that as rowing in that type of weather is not fun at all. I did the grocery shopping in the morning so as to be able to relax and watch football in the afternoon. The Son came up from his cave and prepared breakfast for us. We then settled in and watched another dismal showing by the Redskins. They lost again to another team that had no wins. The only upside to their season so far is the entertainment it provides in the days following the game listening to the sports talk radio stations. Oh the fodder the Redskins and their inept owner have provided. As the schedule for the Redskins only gets that much harder from here on out, i expect more of the same. I also made dinner on Sunday, which was Kielbasa. It's a tasty recipe although unhealthy as all get out. The vegetables (potatoes carrots, onions and broccoli) are sauteed in bacon fat. You can hear the arteries closing up as we eat it.

I had yesterday off as I work through my "Use or Lose" vacation time. The temperature was suppose to warm up to the high 50s, but it took a while. The wind was also a little higher then I like if I want to row, which I did. Finally around 3:00 the temperature and wind got to where it was a go so I did. It was an ok row alternating between rowing really well and at other time feeling like I was rowing through quicksand. I also forgot that the high school kids were back on the water for their fall seasons. It gets pretty chaotic on the docks and out on the water with all them and their coaches. I'll try to avoid late afternoons in the future. Only 11 more days until my first 1X race.

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