Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to My Blizzard

You might have heard about the little snowstorm the Washington DC area went through over the weekend. The amount varied upon where you were, but in my neck of the woods we got about 22 inches of the white stuff. It started out innocently enough on Friday about 10:00 AM. At first it didn't stick to the roads as the temperature hung around the freezing mark. It did stick right away to the other surfaces though - like my deck.

As the evening approached, the snow started to stick to the road, sidewalks and driveways. Note along the side of the driveway, snow left over from Wednesday's storm.

The heaviest snow came in Friday night into Saturday morning. Snowing up to 2 or 3 inches an hour. Something unheard of in these parts. A classic northeaster with moisture being drawn up from the Gulf and then off the Atlantic. It snowed all day Saturday finally stopping around 8:00 PM. This what my drive way looked around 1:00 PM Saturday.

And this how the house looked from the snow covered street about the same time on Saturday. I shoveled about 2 hours as it snowed with not much to show for it other then a pile of snow by the basketball pole.

By Saturday mid-day, my deck also had a lot more snow on it.

This is what greeted me as I went out to shovel the driveway on Sunday morning. It had snowed another 3 inches from Saturday mid-day until it finally stopped.

Much shoveling ensued. As the day progressed more and more neighbors joined the fray. After about 4 hours of shoveling, the driveway was almost cleared.

We also cleared one snow shovel width of the sidewalk. One of our teenage neighbors helped us with the sidewalk.

With the help of our next door neighbors and another neighbor with a snowblower who dealt with the packed snow at the end of our driveway that a plow had packed in, the driveway was finally cleared. Success!

A plow came through today (Monday), but didn't clear more then the one lane already plowed. The streets are still a mess. The good news - we're getting another 8 to 10 inches tomorrow and Wednesday. Look at the driveway - where will I put the snow to come? Those piles are already 5 feet tall. Heaven help us all.

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