Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mystery Solved

So it turned out the reason Sandy Run and the lower Occoquan was closed was so that the local police could run a training exercise. Or so we were told. Maybe they did practice dragging for bodies.

Friday was a work day for me, but I slipped out for a lunchtime row. I rowed up to Fountainhead and back, a total of seven miles, but it wasn't fun. It turned out to be much windier than I thought. I checked our local Weatherbug before I left the house and the wind was well below 10 mph. Out on the water it was an entirely different matter all together. At Fountainhead, it was so windy, I thought I might flip turning the shell around as I came sideways to the wind.

For Saturday's practice I was put in a Quad with two other experienced rowers and one that had never sculled. It didn't go well. We did four two thousand meter pieces. The idea was for us to race a Men's 8+ plus a mixed 4+ consisting of two men and two female college rowers. The 4+ would go first, followed by the Quad and then the 8+. After two of the pieces, it was obvious with our inexperienced sculler (he has rowed sweep for years though), we weren't in a position to keep up with the 4+ or the 8+. A Quad with decent rowers should be able to beat a 4+ and be somewhat competitive with an 8+. We just rowed on our own for the last two pieces. On the final piece is slowly started to come together and you could feel the boat jump with each stroke. I hope I get a chance to row in the Quad again since its a fun boat to row - usually.

Sunday after getting the laundry started, I headed out to the W&OD Trail for a bike ride. I did my Rt 28 to Leesburg ride today (Mile marker 24 to 34). 43 minutes out and 40 minutes back. It was a beautiful day to ride. It was sunny with moderate temperatures and no wind. I lucked out in getting one of two remaining parking spots as I got there about 30 minutes later than I wanted. The rest of the day was spent watching the Nationals beat the Cleveland Indians, walking the furry children, bbqing some steaks, sipping a few Coronas and starting a new book. Well new to me "Up Country" by Nelson DeMille. Tomorrow its back to the grind.

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