Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baseball and Erg Tests

Sunday with my toe still swollen and black and blue, I decided to give it a rest and neither bike or row. We had tickets to the nationals game against the Mets so I just chilled in the morning until it was time to go to the game. One of the nice things about RFK Stadium if you live in Virginia is the easy in and out off of I-395 via parking lot 8. We got there in about 30 minutes and walked into the stadium to find our seats. We had seats in the mezzanine level by third base. We had a pretty good view of the game and easy access to food, beer and bathrooms. It was an entertaining game as Shawn Hill dueled El Dukey of the Mets. It was tied 2-2 going into the top of the 8th when the Nationals relief pitchers collapsed and the Nats ended up losing 8-2. Ouch.

Tuesday's rowing practice didn't come off due to weather. Its hard to complain when it does rain these days as we've been in a serious drought condition all summer. It wasn't lightening, but it was raining hard enough that we decided to call it and go to the nearby gym where we have our ergs and do some erg testing. Since we're now training for head race season, the distance was set for 5,000 meters. Since I've been able to get out on the water, I've neglected the erg and rightfully so. I'll see enough of it during the winter. I wasn't expecting much, but I managed a 21.08.1, which I believe, without going back to check, a personal best for me. By .7 seconds, but still a best. Even so I was the slowest of the men. Of course I'm the shortest, lightest and one of the oldest so it comes as no surprise. Not another good omen for making the Charles boat though. We'll see how things go from here.

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