Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rained Out

Today dawned overcast and still raining. I packed for the regatta in Philadelphia while it was still dark outside. I made sure to include several changes of clothes anticipating getting wet during my two races. Three of my teammates met at my house for the ride up to Philly. We met up with others at the old Hechinger's lot to see if any others needed a ride. We filled up three cars and headed off. We stopped on the I-95 rest stop called the Maryland House north of Baltimore. Its about half way for our trip. While most of my carload hit Starbucks, I opted for a sausage and egg sandwich. As we chatted among ourselves, we called ahead to the team members who had transported the trailer and boats the day before. Its then we learned that the regatta had been cancelled due to too much debris in the water. None of us complained about the cancellation as we looked outside at the pouring rain. We took our coffee and eats and headed home. I'll just curl up with a good football game instead.

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