Friday, October 26, 2007

Wet Stuff

After a summer and fall of nearly no rain, the heavens have finally opened up. Its been raining since Wednesday evening and we've received about an inch of rain on Wednesday, another on Thursday and now a third inch today. To say it was badly needed is an understatement. This should refill the Occoquan enough to take away some of the obstacles and save the Head of the Occoquan (HOTO). The docks at Sandy Run were getting close to unusable so this rain should help out a lot. I need to get off my butt and volunteer to help out with the regatta.

Speaking of regattas, tomorrow I head up to Philadelphia for our last away regatta of the season. Its the Head of the Schuylkill. Its always a treat to row in Philly what with their Boathouse Row and the city skyline right there. Sort of offsets the lack of parking and the usual crappy weather. Tomorrow is no exception as they are calling for rain in Philadelphia, which I'm not looking forward to at all. I suspect I'll spend a lot of time in the car waiting for my races and trying to dry out in between. I need to remember to bring plenty of dry clothes. I'm scheduled to race at noon in the 8+ and at 3:00 in a 4+. The original idea was for me to row in a Quad at 5:15, which, seriously is just too late. By the time we finished our race and made it back to the docks, it would be almost dark and then add in a 3 hour drive home? I think not. So that was thrown out, thank goodness. I'll have enough problems tomorrow just trying to row from the opposite side in the 8+. I'm a port rower so I'm usually in the #2 seat or the stroke (#8) seat. Tomorrow I'm rowing starboard in the bow (#1) seat. I wonder if our Coach forgot I'm a port rower since he is used to seeing me in the bow seat when I'm in the Quad. Sculling with two oars is not the same as rowing with one oar. I pray I don't embarrass myself by catching a crab tomorrow. I also volunteered to drive tomorrow so the minivan will be filled with six rowers from my 8+. I wish the CD player wasn't busted. I guess we'll have to make do with the radio. Its hard to believe that tomorrow and next Sunday finishes our season. The fall season has just flown by. I will miss it.

The Son has had a rough week of it. He seems to have contracted some nasty stomach bug and its kicked his ass but good. He came down with it Tuesday night and he's just now being able to keep simple things like toast down. He's been sleeping about 20 hours a day, which is freaking Ann out a bit. I think she's convince he'll have some sort of relapse while I'm away tomorrow. Hopefully not and he'll be back to his usual self. That, plus I hope we don't come down with it

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