Friday, November 16, 2007

Give Me My Football ESPN

Ever since college, I've always looked at Thursday evening as my gateway to the weekend. I'm always home on Fridays now, either with a day off due to my compressed work schedule or working from home. What better way to welcome the weekend then some Thursday night college football. Oregon would be playing Arizona. The Son likes Oregon and they are entertaining to watch. Because it was being played out west, the game was schedule to start later than most Thursday night games. I could live with that as ESPN promised an hour long College Football pre-game show. I love their Game Day Show on Saturday mornings so I thought that would be a fine lead in to the game. Imagine my surprise when instead of the pregame show, ESPN decided to air a "Breaking News" show. The "Breaking News" was, of course, Barry Bonds indictment and A Rod's resigning with the Yankees. True, as bis sport stories go, the Bonds story was news. However, ESPN had already beat the story to death on their Sports Center show earlier in the evening. The A Rod story? No one cares unless they are a Yankees fan. Most of the United States could care less about the dance between A Rod and George. Watching an hour of their coverage of these two stories was like being waterboarded. I watched about 15 minutes and that was all I could take. I decided to skip the game and went to bed. Stupid ESPN.

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