Monday, November 12, 2007

The Last Dance

Saturday night was my rowing club's annual end of year party. One last opportunity to hang out with each other and celebrate another successful season. There was food and more food and a few adult beverages as well. Below is a picture of just the appetizers.

Behind the two at the far right is the desert table and on the floor plenty of beer.

We hand out gifts to those who have helped us during the year, like our high school coxswains. Here are Jake and Katie. Katie is our coxswain. No we didn't give Jake beer. Those are sodas.

On the left is Heather. She coaches our Fitness/Recreational rowers. She's off to Germany this week. I'm envious. Heather got beer.

Wally graciously hosted the party. He also coaches one of the high school crew teams and is our operations director. Basically that means he arranges getting the boats from the high schools that we need and taking care of them. Here he's congratulating one of our coxswains. Her boat had a collision during one of our races (not her fault) and she got everyone back safely. As you might imagine, its not easy being of high school age and coxing for a bunch of over achieving adults. They do a great job for us.

And what would a party be without a few gag gifts. Here airline barf bags are given two of our more zealous women rower partiers. But they had a right to party given they rowed well and fast enough to earn an automatic invite back to the head of the Charles. A first for our club. In all fairness, I believe only the one on the left, umm, had need for a barf bag in Boston.

It was an early ending. I was home by 11:00 Stuffed with good food and fond memories.

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