Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Wedding - Part II

When I left off in my last post, all the girls were out getting pedicures and the guys were headed out to lunch. As evidence to the first part, here Ann is getting her pedicure. It's a tough life.
The finace took the guys (myself, The Son and The Son-In-Law) into Norwalk where we had lunch at the Gingerman. Its claim to fame is having 52 beers on tap and a bottle selection of another 152 beers. The food is typically what you'd find in such an establishment, but it was good and there was a lot of it. I couldn't finish my burger and The Son had trouble finishing his club sandwich, which was the biggest club sandwich I had ever seen. Of course our inability to finish our lunches could have been in part due to our late breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. After lunch we had some time to chill back at the hotel before heading off to the church for the rehearsal. The church in Westport was beautilful and had this great pipe organ up in the balcony area. It sounded as good as it looks. Appearing in the foreground is Daughter#1's friend from college, Kim and Daughter#2.

The woman who handled events at the church and was very nice and funny and keep everyone loose explained how everything would work the next day and we did a walk through twice. We left feeling we had things down and we all left and headed off to the Rehearsal dinner hosted by the Fiance's parents. The dinner was at the Red barn Restaurant inWestport. We had drinks and appetizers out on the patio. Everyone agreed that the appetizers were to die for particularly the clams casino. Dinner was delayed a bit as we waited for my Dad and sister to drive down from Hartford. They got lost and were running really late so we decided to go in and start dinner without them. We did have some small children and they weren't going to last all night so it was the right thing to do. They finally made it and not too late to eat with the rest of us. The food was awesome and the company even better. I'd definitely like to return to the Red Barn one day. here's a picture of the kids table. Kids being a relative term. From the left, two of the fiance's friends from college who were groomsmen, Daughter#2, the Fiance, The Son In Law, The Son and Kim. The table Ann and I were at is behind the kids table.

After dinner, Daughter#1 and The Fiance handed out gifts to the wedding party. Here they are with The Fiance's nieces, who acted as the ring bearer and flower girls. They were so good and did an excellent job at the wedding. Really darling girls.

After dinner and desert, it was back to the hotel and crashed (dinner included lots of wine).
Saturday dawned and the weather gods smiled on us and delivered a gorgeous days. Lots of sun and blue skies with a few billowing shining white clouds thrown in. The Son was picked up by the Fiance and taken to the Fiance's parents home to get ready with the rest of the groomsmen. The Son In Law and I headed to Daughter#1's apartment to be with the bride and two of the bridesmaids. We made a stop on the way to pick up wine and beer for an after party and some light refreshments for the bride and bridemaids. We just hung out and enjoyed some liquid refreshments while the girls got made up by a make-up artist. She did a great job and was very cute to boot. Finally tit was showtime and we all got into a limo for the ride to the church. The limo company provided champagne for the ride which was nice. From left to right: Daughter#1 (aka The Bride), myself, Daughter#2 and Ann.

The wedding itself was perfect and went off without a hitch. I did mange to step on The bride's train after dropping her off at the altar, but I didn't trip and she didn't tear anything so catastrophe averted. It actually seem to go pretty fats and before we all knew it, Daughter31 was married and the ceremony finished and we were heading out of the church for pictures. Across from the church was a grassy area that provided the backdrop for some of the wedding party pictures. From left to right: The Fiance/New Son In Law's two sisters, The Bride/Daughter#1, Matron of Honor/Daughter#2 and Kim/College Friend.
The Bride and groom and the rest of the wedding party.

After pictures, the bride and groom headed to the beach for more pictures while the rest of us headed to the reception at the Saugatuck Rowing Club. Located on the Saugatuck River, the club provided the perfect backdrop for the reception. Daughter#1 had researched the tides so as to have the reception at high tide. But the club was beautiful, the food great, the guests even better and the wine and beer were pretty good as well. The dancing was about what you expect from a wedding. it was fun none the less. All in all it was a picture perfect wedding. I tell people that the two best parties I've been to were the weddings/receptions of the two daughters and I speak the truth. A last picture of the Father/Daughter dance. Say it with me: Awwwwwww!

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