Friday, May 29, 2009

The Wedding - Part 1

I'm currently in Connecticut in order to marry off my first born otherwise known here as Daughter#1. The wedding takes place tomorrow in Westport with reception to follow at the Sagatuck Rowing Club. Currently Ann and the two daughters are out getting pedicures and having their hair done. The fiance is picking up myself, The Son and The Son In Law to go out to lunch in downtown Norwalk in a bit. I think we're getting the better of that deal. We drove up yesterday and the hardest part of the drive was getting out of the Washington area, particularly over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. As what seems the norm in ceremonies like this, there was a last minute problem with the wedding programs. The ones delivered were unusable and had to be redone. That required Daughter#1 badgering Kinkos into doing a quick turnaround, which they did, thank goodness (Kinkos didn't do the originals just FYI).

Daughter#2 badgered me into getting up early (7:00AM) to work out with her. The fitness center in the hotel is pretty ghetto with just a treadmill, a Liftmaster, a semi-functional weight machine and 2 thirty pound dumb bells. I did the Liftmaster for 30 minutes and the treadmill for another 20. As I was finishing the Liftmaster, The Son joined us. After returning to my room and showering, The Son and I headed out to Wal-Mart to get him some t-shirts and some contact lens solution for Ann. On the way back to the hotel, we hit Dunkin Donuts. That should offset the benefits of working out.

Just got a call from my sister saying her and my Dad's flight out of Orlando has been delayed and Southwest has to bring in a new airplane from Norfolk. Never a dull moment. More to come.

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