Friday, January 7, 2011

A Big Thanks

Holidailies has come to a close for the year (actually I thought today was the last day - instead it finished up on Wednesday). I started a few days late and trailed off a little at the end, but for the most part, I updated fairly regularly. It gave me what I needed most though and thats to start writing again so that was the definite upside. Thanks to Jette and Chip for hosting. Thanks also to you who stopped by for a read and a special thank you to those you left me a note. Comments are always appreciated.

I miss the holidays already even though my Christmas lights outside are still burning bright and our tree is still up. Both will come down this weekend. I find that a most depressing job.

Things to look forward to over the next few weeks:
  • My alma mater Auburn plays for the BCS Championship on Monday night
  • a couple trips to the west coast for business
  • holidays and three day weekends
  • hopefully a snow storm or two - just don't go overboard like last year
  • a nice bonus from work
  • good friends and a wonderful family

1 comment:

daughter #2 said...

you have not posted in a long time. im having lunch at my desk and want to read about your exciting life ;)