Thursday, June 12, 2008

Drill Work

The brutal heat the enveloped the area since Saturday has finally gone away to be replaced by some quite nice temperatures and humidity. I would say spring-like, but its a tad warm to be truly springlike.

Practice on Tuesday ended about twenty minutes early as thunder and lightening started lighting up the sky west of us. Luckily we weren't far from the cove where the boathouse is located and we were able to make it there and get the boats put away before the rain started. In the mid-atlantic late afternoon thunderstorms are a fact of life during the summer. Hopefully, we won't lose too many practices to them. The practice itself was easy as practices go. Two 8+s were put together and we rowed up to Fountainhead at a low stroke rate (18) while also doing leg only drills by 4s. It's early in our season, unlike most clubs that have been rowing since March, so we're still getting use to each other and getting rid of the cobwebs that we all accumulated over the winter. I'm sure the intensity of the practices will increase as we head into sprint racing season in July.

My Friday off is tomorrow so let the weekend begin!

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