Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Missed Practice

I missed practice last night, which was very disappointing. The weather was beautiful, low 70s, and I was looking forward to it, especially since Saturday's practice went so well. When I come from my place of business, I have a very small window to make it to practice on time. Most of the time I'm pulling into the marina parking lot right when practice is suppose to beginning. I literally change in the parking lot since I don't have time to make it home first. Yesterday, my vanpool dropped me off in plenty of time. Unfortunately, there was an accident two miles up the road I need to take. It took me over 30 minutes to cover the distance to the boathouse (about 5 miles). As I pulled in the parking lot, I could see the boats leaving the cove. I kept right on going and headed home. A beautiful evening lost.

Today was very similar to yesterday so I didn't want to miss today too, so I went and rowed over my lunch hour. So to speak anyway. Since I work from home on Wednesday, I can take my lunch whenever. When I arrived at the boathouse, there was a sculling class underway. Underway but taking a break and having lunch. It looked to be high school age rowers almost all girls. The George Mason Men's Crew Coach runs the sculling camps on that side of the reservoir. I grabbed one of the boats they were not using and headed up river. I was undecided how far to row. On one hand I wanted a decent workout, but on the other I had a limited time and had to return to my home to work. I settled on a 6 mile row. The water was way choppier than I like due to the wind and I was rowing right into it. Finally after rowing about a mile and a half, I turned a corner and the trees blocked the wind and the water was much better. It took me just over an hour to row the six miles so I was happy with that. Although now work seems so much more boring.

Its Brats on the grill tonight with a cold Corona. Till next time.

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