Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Hot Weekend

Summer has descended with a vengeance. Temperature's soared into the 90s and combined with the high humidity, the heat index is well over 100. Thank god for air conditioning.

Friday was actually a nice day. Sunny and warm, but not hot. I had to work (from home), but I managed to get over to Sandy Run for a row. I got in 7 miles before returning home and work. The water was pretty clear of debris considering the heavy rains on Tuesday and Thursday. It was a good row. My endurance is growing and the boat was running well and not just toward the end of the row, which is typical of a lot of my sculling efforts. My catches are getting much better and I'm also getting better suspension. I was pretty happy with it.
While I was out rowing, Ann was taking our terrier mix, Rosie, to the Vet. Her ear has been bothering her and she has been scratching it a lot. The Vet cleaned the ear out and diagnosed it as allergies and gave Ann some medicine to treat her. The Vet also stated that Rosie needed to lose some weight and like right now. So we have her on a diet plan and are giving her more walks. She needs to lose about 5 pounds. We'll see how our little garbage disposal does.

Today, Saturday, I had 4 hours of rowing scheduled. Two hours of my regular club practice and two hours for our adult rowing camp. As I made my way to the boathouse this morning, I was struck by how foggy it was. I'm use to seeing fog in the fall around the water as the cooler air interacts with the warmer water. But this was different. The dew point and the air temperature were the same creating the fog. The fog was way to thick for us to take out the boats. We pulled the boats out to do our weekly check on them hoping that the sun would burn off the fog. After about an hour it became obvious soon enough that that wasn't happening and we put the boats away and went home. I returned about an hour later for the rowing camp and the fog had pretty much dissipated and it was now hot...very hot and very humid. We broke down into our boats and headed out. There were three 8+s with each containing four experienced rowers and four camp/novice rowers. The organizers had set up a serious of four events. A 2:00 minute race with a cap of 26 strokes per minute, a 2:00 minute race with a cap of 20 strokes per minute, a 180 degree spin from a dead start and a 2:00 race after spinning with no rate cap and finally a pass the water bottle from cox to bow while we row. It was the last session for the camp rowers and it was designed as a fun way to end things on the water as well as give them a taste of what it's like to be in a race. I was stroke for one of the boats. We did quite well winning all three of the races and coming in second on the water bottle pass. Our novice rowers were pretty excited about winning and they did quite well at the higher stroke rate. Remember these people had never rowed before last week. Most have indicated that they will join our club and continue rowing with us, which is good for them and for us. I'll post some pictures once I have them in hand.

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