Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stamford Miscellaneous

Just a few miscellaneous photos of things around Stamford that I found interesting. First up is a picture looking straight down into a cup of Irish Coffee as prepared at Tigin's. Very artistic.

The Donald is also coming to Stamford with a new Trump Tower. Units now selling.

All around Stamford are these statues. When you catch them out of the corner of your eye you think they are real. It's only when look closely do you realize what they are. Some of them recreate famous photographs like this one of Marilyn Monroe. Its located in front of the local theatre, which seems appropriate.

Some are just cute.

I thought hits would be fun. One of me photographing the statue photographing me. Actually I'm standing in front of the other half of the statue of his wife and daughter.

That concludes the recap of our 4th weekend. I hope yours was as much fun.


Fannie Mae said...

I do love a good Irish Coffee.

Frank said...

Hi Fannie! I'm not a coffee drinker, the Irsh Coffee was for Ann, but I hear they are good.