Monday, July 7, 2008

Stamford, Part II

Here is the little bugger that basically dominated the the weekend. Our weekend revolved around where we could take her and where we could not. She's cute, but she was a royal pain with the whining whenever Ann wasn't around.

The whole weekend forecast called for scattered showers and thunderstorms. Luckily we managed to avoid them all. Friday, the 4th, Daughter#1 and her now fiance, took us for a tour of Fairfield County. This picture of the Long island Sound from CT is the place where Matt proposed to Daughter#1. It's actually on a piece of property once in his family, but now gone bought up by a neighbor.

We had lunch in Norwalk. The original plan was to eat at a place called the Ginger Man, but see above with the dog. We did find a place with outside seating Baccus. Good food and it was comfortable being outside. The overcast kept the heat reasonable. We (minus Ann and the dog), did run into the Ginger Man for a quick beer after lunch. There was a scotch beer Daughter#1 wanted me to taste. It was a Inness and Gunn Scottish Ale. Apparently it's aged in oak casks, which give it a distinctive taste. It was pretty tasty, but at $10 a bottle it's not a beer you'll sit down and knock off a six pack.

Next up in the tour was Westport and the Saugatuck Rowing Club. Daughter#1 was a coxswain here for a few years before her new job made it impractical for her to continue and make the morning practices. She did mention about possibly trying to cox again in the fall so as not to miss The Head of the Charles. It's a gorgeous boathouse. I'm quite envious. Saugatuck is also one of the few for profit rowing clubs. Most, like the two I belong to, are non-profit clubs.

This is the view heading down the Saugatuck River from the boathouse. One of the things I noticed about all the water, including this river is how tidal it is. There is a big difference in the height of the river between high and low tides. That's not something I even have to think about rowing on the Occoquan or even on the few occasions I row on the Potomac.

Another view of the club. Daughter#1 is seriously thinking of holding her wedding reception here if we can swing it. I think that would be way cool.

Literally a block away is the church they where they will be married. The Assumption Roman Catholic Church. It's a beautiful old church. We didn't get to go inside, but it has some beautiful stain glass windows behind the altar. We're thinking of having a bagpiper lead the guests from the church to the rowing club. That would be cool too.

After the tour, we ended up at the future In Laws house for dinner. We had met his parents once before so it was nice to see them again. In addition, we got to meet his two older sisters, their husbands and assorted nieces (4) and nephew (1). The family is a delight and Daughter#1 is lucky to marry into such a wonderful family. Matt's father and mother are former restaurant owners and prepared quite a feast for us all. I was quite stuffed by desert time. Not that it kept me from having desert mind you.

Next up we travel to a Scottish Highland Games festival.

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