Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stamford Part III

Saturday dawned grey and overcast as it had most of the 4th weekend. We were scheduled to take in the Round Hill Highland Games in Norwalk. Matt checked the website and discovered yet again that dogs were not allowed. Ann volunteered to stay at daughter#1's apartment while the rest of us headed to the games. We all felt really bad that she didn't get to come with us.

When we arrived at the park, the opening ceremonies were just beginning with the introduction of the Clans and their War Cry. Disappointingly neither of our clans, the Campbells and Duncans, were represented.

They also had these cut outs for picture taking purposes. Here Daughter#1 becomes Nessie.

Daughter#2 as Mary Queen of Scots and losing her head. Although I'm sure Mary didn't wear sunglasses.

And Matt in appropriate Highland gear.

In between competitions we took advantage of the beer tent (10 Penny Ale!) and chowed down on some authentic Fish and Chips. This outfit from Kearny, NJ is fairly well known for their Fish and Chips. I'm glad they made the trip. They were to die for.

After eating we settled in to watch the piping contests. Is there anything finer than Bagpipe Bands?

We had a great time and again the rain held off. After leaving the games we went back to Stamford to rescue Ann, We wandered back to the downtown restaurant area and had dinner at Tigen's, an Irish Pub.
After eating ourselves silly , we took a walk down at the local beach, which does allow dogs! Yea!

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