Friday, August 22, 2008

Coxswain Appreciation

It's a beautiful late summer day here in the Old Dominion. Sunny, in the low 80s with a very tolerable humidity. I should be out rowing or biking, but the Club had a Coxswain Appreciation dinner last night for our coxswains. A few beers might have been drunk, but not by the coxswains. Almost all, save one, are high school students. It's a small way to show that we appreciate the time they are giving up, especially getting up early on weekends so that we, the adults, can row. Without them our boats don't leave the boathouse. So Thank You coxswains.
I mentioned in the last entry about spreading mulch around. One area that needed some (and still needs a bit more), is our final resting place for our pets. We've been waiting until we could spread some mulch before we put out the memory stone for Winifred. Her stone joins that of Napoleon's.

We can see the stones from our deck. It reminds us of the love and joy our pets brought into our lives. We still miss them.


laura said...

Seeing those stones made me tear up. Guess I have too many losses of my own that are fresh. I actually get a lot of peace from our little cat graveyard. Remembering the happiness and love we shared with each other them and glad for the opportunity to know each unique individual. Knowing that they are safe from any pain or hurt.

I have been busier than I imagined since I retired, so my blog-reading has fallen off. I hope to visit here more often as the seasons change.

Frank said...

Hi Laura. Thanks for dropping by and leaving acomment. I agree it's very hard to lose them. I try to remember the joy and love they brought to us when they were here with us.