Monday, August 25, 2008

Late Presents

For Father's Day The Son gave me a quite generous gift card from Amazon. for the longest time i was at a lost what to get with it. The choices were overwhelming. After much thought and with our vacation fast approaching (and now over). I finally decided to act. Out of his gift I managed three separate presents. A new bathing suit for the vacation, which I sorely needed, a CD of Frank Valli and the Four Seasons and a bike jersey. I've never owned a bike jersey before, but I've wanted one for a while. I have been riding in just various t-shirts almost all of them from various rowing regattas. The trouble with cotton t-shirts is that when you sweat in them, they get wet and hold onto the moisture. They get heavy when wet and uncomfortable. Bike Jerseys, however, are made with whicking material that keeps the shirt and you dry. The trouble with most Bike Jerseys is that they look like billboards sporting some ad of some sort or another. frankly i think most of them look pretty hideous. I did buy Ann an Ohio University Bike Jersey and Daughter#2 a VA Tech Bike Jersey and they look pretty nice. I looked at one from my college (Auburn) and wasn't that thrilled with it. So what to do. I did a search through Amazon figuring eventually I'd find a jersey i could live with and I did. Lo, me in all my spandex glory:

Speaking of spandex glory, it's time to go change into my rowing shorts and get ready for practice, Until later.


Daughter 2 said...

Oh la la! Lookin' good!

Frank said...

You are too sweet kiddo.