Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hurting Eyes

For the past month or so my eyes have been really bothering me. Watering, burning, bloodshot all the time. A lot of it could possibly be attributed to it being the height of pollen season here in Virginia except for the extreme light sensitivity. Last week I went back to my Eye Doctor for another round of removing offending eyelashes that were growing back toward my eye rather than outward. After looking at my eyes, my Doctor declared them "a mess" and banned me from wearing my contacts for a week. Apparently both corneas are scratched courtesy of the offending eyelashes and need time to heal. I was given drops and an ointment to use. Yesterday was a follow-up visit and my eyes, while better, are still in the process of healing. I still can't wear my contacts for another two weeks. I was given more drops and a prescription for some sort of eye care kit that comes complete with goggles, which should be interesting. The problem with all this is that I can't see very well at all. My glasses don't help much and only time, as my eyes heal, will I begin to see better with my glasses. I've had to change my setting on my computer monitor making everything bigger so it's easier to read. I feel like an 80 year old squinting at the computer. Reading a newspaper or magazine is totally out. Maybe I should look into large print books at the library. The only reason I bring that up is that I need to travel to the west coast next week on business and I need something to pass the time on the flight out. I usually read a book, but I don't think I could read a regular paperback at this point so I need something else otherwise it will be one long trip. Coming back, I'm on the red eye so can sleep most of the flight. My trip is to Sacramento. Anyone who wants to provide recommendations on places to eat, please feel free.

It's down to two weeks and counting for Daughter#1's wedding. Everyone is starting to get pretty excited about it(not that we haven't been along, but even more so), especially based on the great time everyone had at Daughter#2's wedding. Daughter#1 called yesterday to inform me that we had to practice for the Father-Daughter dance. I asked if we couldn't just get away with the usual slow sort of dance in one place type dancing and she said No! So we'll see how that goes. Having two left feet when it comes to dancing and no sense of rhythm despite my long time in the high school marching band.

In other news, The Son has a job interview today. Send some good vibes his way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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