Friday, February 16, 2007


Two posts and the Internet karma is already catching up with me. So last post I tell you how my commute isn't all that bad despite the distance and wham! it takes me 3 hours to get home on Thursday. A combination of bright sun, an accident on the Beltway and those escaping early for the holiday weekend did me in. The trip between southern MD and the beltway took our usual hour or so to cover that 50 miles. The final 30 miles took 2 hours. It was more than a one beer night once I finally got home.

The son cooked dinner last night. Tasty salmon dish. His sister got him a Rachel Ray cookbook for Christmas and he's really getting into the whole cooking thing. I know Ann really appreciates the nights off when he cooks.

I'm working from home today so no death march commute. I'll leave that for the son who has a meeting in the Bailey's Crossroad area starting at 2:30. That should put him squarely in the middle of rush hour after the meeting is over. There's good reason why Washington has the 3rd worse traffic in the country.

Today I'll do a 30 minute row. I'll update with results later on. Hope everyone has a great fun weekend.
Edited to Add: Missed by personal best by 12 meters for a 30 minute row. So close yet so far.

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