Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Update

After a disappointing row yesterday, I took another crack at a 30 minute row today. The result was a new personal best - by 21 meters. I was pleased with the result, but I've been feeling it in my quads all day. Tomorrow is my erg class and 10,000 meters. That hinges on the weather, of course. We're due to receive a "wintery mix". They've downgraded it from a Winter Storm Watch to an "Advisory" so I'm thinking it will turn out to be mostly rain.

After my row this morning, I came down to fix something for lunch. Growing up in NJ, one of my favorite breakfasts was a Taylor Ham and Egg sandwich. I think technically its actually pork roll, but it's what we called it. It was always a favorite of my Dad's and we had it fairly often. After we moved, to NC it was impossible to get. Same for when we moved to Maryland, except down at Ocean City, which always made a morning trip to the Boardwalk worthwhile. It has become available now in Virginia and has been for a while. Of course, I introduced it to my kids and they all really like it. Erin, formerly referred to as daughter #2, introduced it to all her friends. They had never even heard of it let alone tried it. I think it was the highlight of their sleepovers or impromptu lunch dates. Alas, Erin has gone over to the vegetarian side and its been a while since she has had one of the sandwiches. I know from time to time her eyes will glaze over and the she can smell and taste the joy that is a Taylor Ham and Egg sandwich.

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