Saturday, April 5, 2008

Having Our Bread and Eating It Too

Friday was warm enough to go rowing, but alas it was also rainy and way to windy so getting out on the water will have to wait. Today the high schools will be racing and it's impossible to get into the park where the boats are kept. We'll see what Sunday is like although I'm betting I'll just go to my regular erg class. The weather forecast isn't that great. If I have time, I'll try a neighborhood ride on my bike.

Yesterday we finalized plans to have some painting done on the exterior of our house. It's not a lot since we have siding on the house. Just the area around our front door, the garage door and the cinder block on the sides and back of the house. We're trying a new painter, which we'll see how that goes. We need to go buy the paint today and it's suppose to be done on Tuesday. After meeting and agreeing to terms with the painter, we headed out to lunch and had some BBQ and then to Target for some odds and ends. We just goofed off the afternoon and went out and had pizza with The Son for dinner.

A week or so ago when I came into work, someone had put out starter kits for Amish Friendship bread. In an obviously weak moment or maybe since it was early morning and I was still half asleep having just woken up from my long commute in and hungry to boot, I decided to grab a bag and give it a try. After following the directions, which take about a week and half before you get around to baking it, I was ready to bake the bread Friday night. Here is the bag with the starter mix in it as I get started.

I kept adding ingredients, flour, milk, eggs, cinnamon, sugar, etc. until it was ready to mix together.

It only took a few minutes to stir everything together and have it form a thick sticky batter.

I filled two bread baking dishes with the batter and into the oven they went.

After an hour they were finished. I think they could have used another few minutes though. It tastes sweet and not unlike banana bread.

Part of the recipe calls for saving starter kits to give to friends and relatives. Hence the friendship part, I assume. I didn't save the four they called for, but just kept one for ourselves in case we decide we like it enough to make more. Time for another piece.

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