Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Erging, Flying and Baking

My slow return to some sort of reasonable rowing shape continues. I attended my erg class on Sunday and actually survived and clocked in 11,200 meters. And I could still walk. I actually erged again today. I did another 5,000 meter piece and my splits continue to come down, but still a ways to go, but it's encouraging. Today is the first day I could go out in a single, but it's way to windy. I'll take a look and see how Friday looks. Saturday is definitely out as the high schools will be racing every Saturday between now and mid May. Sunday is also a possibility, but I'd like to reserve that for my bike, but I'm flexible.

Daughter#1 is back in Connecticut after taking some time off and going to Florida. In a little deja vu along the lines of Daughter#2 and her trip, Delta delayed their 7:00PM flight until 10:30PM with actual take off at 11:05. Needless to say, she didn't get home until about 2:30 in the morning. I'm sure she appreciated that. While she was gone, we had some work done on her car. She has been driving around with her "Check Engine" light on for quite a while. Turns out her catalytic converter was no longer functioning. $$$ Also her brakes were basically metal on metal - front and back $$$ Her tires were also worn out and she somehow had managed to dent two of her rims. $$$ Ouch.

Today being Wednesday, it's my day to make dinner. I also have to bring in food for work tomorrow. I usually just buy various baked good for people to nibble on and, in fact, I have bagels and donuts already bought, but today I'm going to try baking some bread to take in. We see how it turns out given my limited baking skills.

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