Monday, April 21, 2008

A Washout, Some Biking and Some Rowing

So our Sunday Learn to Row Day was mostly a wash out. A storm system moved in Saturday night and it's still here. We've had over 3 inches of rain. We actually did have six brave souls who braved the weather to come see what our club is all about. Due to the weather, we couldn't take them out on the water so we just gave them a tour of the boathouse and explained the different programs that we offer. We invited them back to our next Learn to Row Day on May 4th. Hopefully, we will have better weather and we can get them out in a shell. While killing time, some of us moved shells around in the boathouse.

Saturday was just beautiful. Sunny and warm. A perfect day for a bike ride. Ann poses with our bikes before we head off to the W&OD Trail. Note she decided it was ok to wear one of her bike jerseys this time.

This was the first really warm weekend day we've had and as to be expected, the Trail drew a big crowd as witnessed by the almost full parking lot. It was totally full by the time we returned to the car.

The leaves were coming out all along the trail and the flowers and flowering trees are at their peak.

About the halfway point for our trip out to Leesburg and back in an in-line skating rink. The youngsters were having a game. They looked pretty small - maybe 7 or 8 year olds.

At the end of the trip we were hungry and it was almost noon so we decided to stop and get something to eat on the way home. We really enjoyed the Old Dominion Brew Pub last week and they don't seem to mind if you come dressed in spandex and have helmet hair, so we stopped there again for lunch and treated ourselves to some good food and tasty beer. Tasty stuff.

Friday was a day off and I was determined to get out on the water again. I got to Sandy Run about 9:30 and the sun was out and it was about 63 degrees and just a hint of a breeze. The water looked perfect - nice and flat. It was as perfect a day for rowing as you could ask for. I rowed up to Fountainhead Park and back. A total of seven miles. It was so nice out , that upon getting back to Sandy Run, I decided to keep going down river toward the race course. I rowed to the finish line before turning around. It was my first view of the upgraded grandstand where they added covering/roof to provide some shelter from the elements. It looks pretty nice. I know there were days when Daughter#1 and The Son were racing that I would have loved some shade or a place to get out of the rain. The row to the race course and back added an additional mile for a total of eight. My hands survived relatively unscathed, unlike last week. My butt was sore, but overall a very nice row. I can't wait to do it again.
I'll be looking to Rock the Red as the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers meet for a deciding game seven in their Stanley Cup Playoffs tomorrow night. It's been some exciting hockey.

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