Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bachelorette Mobile

It has been a good weekend so far and I hope today is more of the same. Friday was great weatherwize and I managed to get out for a row. I had a Doctor's appointment around lunchtime and I rolled out of bed a little later than I wanted to. Therefore, I decided to limit my row to just to Fountainhead and back since I didn't have unlimited time. Still that's 7 miles so nothing to sneeze at. The water was nice and flat and I had a really nice row. My fitness level continues to grow and I can do longer and faster pieces during my time on the water. I was a bit surprised to find more debris in the water than I was suspecting and I had to pick my way around it in places. Nothing scares me to death like doing a hard piece and seeing a large log in the water that I just missed and didn't see when I had turned around to look. I've been flipped into the water before by hitting debris in the water. It's not a fun experience. The water was also covered by a fine sprinkling of yellow powder. Tree pollen. Its no wonder everyone has red itchy teary eyes these days.
As I suspected when I saw my Doctor, he wants to try a new blood pressure medicine on me. My current medication just isn't getting the job done to his satisfaction. It will still be a calcium channel blocker so I'll try it for two months and see how it does. On a funny side note, he was originally going to have me try a diferent blood pressure med that not only lowers the blood pressure, but also slows the heart rate. When I go to the Doctor I always have an elevated blood pressure and pulse. Anxious I guess although I'm not really sure why. Going to the Doctor doesn't really bother me. As he was explaining the drug he mentioned he was trying it since my heart rate was at a 98 when the nurse had taken my pulse. I told him that was pretty high even for me and that my usual heart rate was around 60 to 65. He looked at me and told me he appreciated me telling me that since had we proceeded with that med it probably would have dropped my heart rate to about 45 beats per minute. I think I would be dead about that point. Anyway we got that straighted out. I still have gotten the prescription filled for his alternate medication yet though. I'm a slacker sometimes.
Yesterday we traveled down to Harrisonburg to see Daughter#2 and The Son In Law. The purpose of the trip was to drop off our minivan for Daughter#2 to use for a bachelorette party next weekend. She's dubbed it the bachelorette mobile and it will used to squire several of her friends and the bride to be on a wine tasting excursion. There are several wineries within easy driving distance and it should be a fun outing for them all. A designated driver has already been picked. We didn't want to leave our doggie behind for the day so we packed up Rosie for the trip. She really doesn't travel all that well in the car. She gets a bit anxious. This is her taking a brief break from whining.
Once we arrived at Daughter#2's house, we went out for lunch. We were a bit concerned about crowds as James Madison University was having its graduation ceremony at the same time. We timed it right and got it before the crowds and had a nice lunch at Callie's. The crab cakes were pretty good as was the Smokin Scottish Ale. Here are Ann and Daughter #2 and her husband outside on the roof at Callie's.

After lunch we returned to their house and threw some horseshoes. Daughter#2 and I beat The Son in Law and Ann. We also took a long walk with Gracie their dog before calling it a day. Since Daughter#2 has one of our cars, we are using hers until we can meet again and swap back. Right now that would be Memorial Day weekend. That weekend is shaping up as a big one as Daughter#1 will also be home and we'd all like to check out a baseball game at the new stadium. Should be a fun weekend. I'm praying for good weather.


Kim said...

YAY!!! Can't wait to come home!!!!

Tessie said...

I get white coat syndrome too, even though I rarely feel anxious at the doctor's office. Weird.

Frank said...

Hi Tessie! My Doctor told me before she retired she wanted to get a normal BP reading from me in the office. I'm all for that, but I'm not sure my body/mind will cooperate.