Friday, May 16, 2008

Its Been Really Wet

It has been oh so wet here in the mid-Atlantic area. Starting last Thursday through last weekend we got 8 inches of rain. Last night and today we got another inch and a half. The boathouse I row from experienced some flooding as the Occoquan spilled from its banks. Some of the locker space located under the boathouse flooded submerging some ergs located there. I'm not sure if their electronic monitors survived or will have to be replaced. It's true what they say apparently, ergs don't float.

The area where this gentleman is wading is normally dry land so the water here is a good 3 to 4 feet deep. Behind him you can see where the docks were cut off from the boathouse.

The ramp down to the water is slightly underwater. It's normally dry of course. The water has receded since these picture were taken earlier in the week. Debris out on the Occoquan continues to be a problem causing havoc with boating of all types. The debris seen here is not atypical.

They are forecasting a decent Saturday with highs in the 70 with a chance of more rain on Sunday. I'm hoping to at least get out for a bike ride tomorrow.

Today Ann and I got out for lunch at Red Lobster. The Son, who now also works from home on Fridays, joined us. It was a nice get together. He also dropped off jars of coins for us to deposit at our Credit Union. By few I mean it turned out to be over $200. Good thing they had a coin sorter machine. While we waited to use said machine, a couple in front of us was unloading a whole box of coins. To pay for a vacation they said. Their haul was $800. That's some serious coinage.

Ann's birthday is coming up later this month and the kids have been burning up the Internet with their e-mails trying to arrive at a consensus on what to get her. I think they finally have it nailed down and now its just a matter of ironing out the details. Daughters#1 and #2 will both be coming home next weekend to celebrate along with their SO and husband respectively. It will be nice to have a full house for a change.

Pictures were taken by Mike Lee.

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