Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Week for Doctors

One thing about getting old is that your Doctors become some of your best friends since you are seeing them so often and have known them for such a long time. So it was this week I visited my dermatologist to see about a lump on the back of neck and I also have a follow up with my regular Doctor to revisit my blood pressure medicine. I suspect he'll want a change as my current medicine doesn't seem to be controlling my blood pressure as well as he would like. High blood pressure is a gift from my dad's side of the family and my eczema/allergies/asthma a gift from my mother's side. We're an equal opportunity family when it comes to afflictions. The trip to my dermatologist on Tuesday revealed that the lump on my neck was an infected cyst, which they proceeded to drain. That was both painful and bloody. She eventually numbed the area, which made things a lot better. Two days later it is still draining, which is quite gross all things considered not to mentioning ruining a shirt before I realized what was happening.

A front has moved through and the weather has reverted to being raining and cool. The weather is suppose to begin warming up again in time for the weekend. Lets hope. We don't' want our second Learn to Row Day to be rained out again. Tomorrow (Friday) is my Friday off. here's to three day weekends - yea!

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