Monday, September 22, 2008

Football and More Football

Fall made it to Virginia just in time for the weekend. morning temperatures would be in the low 50s and climb to mid 70s by the afternoon. coupled with the low humidity, it made for a delightful weekend. This past Friday was a day off and I decided to run over to Sandy Run for a row in a single scull, something I haven't had time for in a while. Since I also had a Doctor's appointment later that morning, I didn't try to make it too long an row and just went up as far as Fountainhead Park before turning around - a total of 7 miles round trip. Just as I was reaching Fountainhead, here came the George Mason Women's Crew team, in 8+s, four abreast heading back toward Sandy Run. It was an impressive start and it appeared that that they were racing as pairs with the varsity boats racing each other and two novice boats racing each other. It was quite impressive seeing all four boats coming down the river. My row was a good one considering I hadn't sculled in a single for a while. The boat seemed to move pretty well, particularly on the way back. My muscles were pretty sore though afterward proving that I need to get out on a much more regular basis.

The Doctor visit went well. It was just a checkup to see how I was doing on some new medication to control my high blood pressure. High blood pressure runs in the family unfortunately and I hate having to take medicine to control it. However the alternative of stroking out is hardly a pleasant alternative so take it I must.

Saturday was my usual club rowing practice. What a gorgeous morning with the cooler air temperature raising mist off the warmer morning and the rising sun turning it a beautiful shade of gold. We were preparing for the Head of the Potomac to be held on Sunday as well as do some final seat racing to select the 8 rowers to row at the Head of the Charles. Being one of the shortest and lightest member on the Men's side, I new I was a long shot to make the boat and alas, that's what happened. So no trip to Boston this year. I covered my disappointment with a few donuts, eggs and home fries as our novice rowers provided breakfast for the club.

After practice, I raced home and showered as Ann and I had tickets to the University of Maryland football game against Eastern Michigan. Actually we have season tickets, but this was the first game we could actually make. We like to go early and tailgate for a while before heading to the stadium. Maryland won by a wide margin 51-24 although the game was a little closer than the score would indicate. The people that sit around us are all pretty nice and it was good to see them again. After the Maryland game we came back home in time to watch Va Tech come from behind to beat UNC on TV, a game Daughter#2 and the Son In Law were at down in Chapel Hill. We grilled up some steaks after that game in preparation to watch LSU play Auburn. An exciting game to say the least except Auburn came up on the short end Damn.

In some sad and shocking news, Daughter#1 was downsized and laid off today. Life can sure be sucky some days.

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Daughter #2 said...

Go Hokies!

I didnt know you guys went to a game too. Do you sell the tickets you don't use? Lord child, put them on Craigslist!