Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How I Really Spent My Weekend

Ah the planned bachelor weekend. No wife, no kids let the hi jinks and partying begin. Ha! Lets review how I really spent my weekend.

Rowing - I did attend my rowing practice on Saturday morning. We took out three 4+s and rowed down to the race course and took turns racing each other around the Occoquan Challenge course (mostly the 180 degree turn). I felt like crap after the practice. I don't know if it was from lack of sleep or dehydration or both. I never did go out in a single over the long weekend.

Biking - I did go for a bike ride, but I did not go to the W&OD Trail and do a 50 mile ride. That ride would have taken me about 5 hours to complete and with travel time I would have been gone almost 7 hours. My old dog's bladder won't hold out for that long. Instead I did a local ride through the neighborhood and out to Bacon Race Road and the Prince William Parkway bike path. Overall it turned into a 25 mile ride that I finished in 2 hours. I rode about 5 of those miles on the parkway and they about killed me. Those miles came toward the end of my ride as I was looking to add a few more miles to my ride. There is a good reason I've avoided riding the Parkway even though it's the most convenient bike path for me. It has killer hills. After riding 20 miles already, they feel even bigger and steeper. It will be a while before I try that again.

Football Game - I didn't go to the game. After rowing practice I felt like crap (see above). My morning coke and lunch didn't make me feel much better so I decided just to stay home. I watched bits of the VA Tech-ECU game in between napping. I did watch most of the Maryland-Delaware game before napping again until 10:00 PM. I got up and ate dinner and went back to sleep until 8:00 AM.

Ball Game - Nope.

Movie - Nope.

TV - I did watch some TV. Parts of a few football games, including VA Tech-ECU, MD-Delaware, Alabama-Clemson and Tenn-UCLA.

Beer - I did make a batch of Pale Ale on Sunday. It is sitting downstairs. Alas it looks dead as a doornail. Not fermenting at all. I think the yeast I use wasn't any good. What a waste of good beer. I shall try again however.

Sleep - I did sleep a lot and loved it.

Ann and Daughter#2 returned Sunday evening. We couldn't agree on where to go for dinner so we stayed in and ate whatever we could dig up. Monday was spent running errands and taking naps. Wonderful.

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