Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pictures from a Weekend

Daughter#1 e-mailed me today and said to put something up on the blog that was a bit happier than the last post and I am way overdue for a new post anyway. I do have some pictures from the weekend. Here is a picture of Ann at Madigan's Waterfront as we wait for our lunch on Friday. The bridge behind here took about five years to complete and at best it's about a quarter mile long. What a work project. The bridge straddles the Occoquan River. This isn't the section we row on, however. That's further upstream and on the other side of a dam. We were very enamored with the boat behind her also.
This was me after Saturday's practice right before Hanna really dumped on us. It's hard to get the full effect of how wet I really am since my shirt is dark to begin with. Believe me I was soaked. Like I had jumped in the river. I'm leaving puddles on the rug as I stand there.

I had started brewing some beer back on Labor Day weekend when I was home alone. A gift from Daughter#1. After it went into the carboy it just sat there for days. Nothing happened. I thought I had goofed something up or the yeast was too old. I was ready to throw it out. It just looked dead. Case in point. Dead looking beer:
But I am a procrastinator. I didn't get around to throwing it away, After about five days, I notice the water had moved a little in the airlock above the carboy. I thought lets wait a few more days. Now I can report that it is busy fermenting away. Notice the foam on top and the much lighter color. Its suppose to be much like Bass Ale when it's done. It should be ready for bottling in a few more days. That makes a mess of the kitchen so i have to pick a time when the kitchen will be empty for a while.

It seemed strange this week not be rowing on Tuesday evening. The weather was perfect. It makes my evenings a lot less hectic what with rushing to make practice and all, but I know I'll miss it. I had a complete brain freeze today working from home. It would have been a perfect time for a lunch time row, but I didn't think of it at all until lunchtime was over and done with. Maybe next week.

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