Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dead Car

The Son called us on Sunday to "let us know" that his washing machine was making a strange noise. He called back later to tell us that it had completely crapped out on him and the washer was still filled with water along with his very wet clothes. So I got tasked with the job of going to his place on Wednesday to wait for the repair man. The one plus was ours was his first call of the day so I didn't have to wait all day. The repair man came in, turned on the washing machine, listened to the racket and declared it was a defective drain pump and did we want to order the part since they don't carry it in stock? We did and I paid for the visit and he was gone. Total time in the condo - about 7 minutes. Damn. After locking up and leaving, I got in my car and turned the key...and nothing. I tried again and again and again...nothing...nada. Dead battery with no warning at all. Stranded. I called AAA and they gave me a jump and the car started right up and drove fine. Once at home, I hooked the battery up to a charger we have. I charged it for several hours. Later I had to run to the store to get things for dinner. I unhooked the charger, got in the car, turned the key and...nothing. Dead as a doornail. Stranded once again. So my job on Friday, my day off, is to get a new battery for the car. Cars are such fun, except when they're not.

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