Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pictures from Boston

I'm a little slow getting these pictures up, but work was really a killer this week. We were hosting industry representatives all week on a new requirement we'd like them to bid on. Not only did I have to go in on my work at home day, but I also had to wear a coat and tie all week. That's something I haven't had to do in quite a while.

Without further ado here are some pictures from my trip to Boston last weekend for the Head of the Charles. This was my room from the hotel in Arlington. A cozy suite or at least it could have been if I didn't have to share I with two other members of my crew. The glamorous life of rowing.
I did the coxswain clinic they offered since I'm not an experienced coxswain (I'm a rower normally). They had some good information and they also took you out on the river. I bagged the river tour as my teammates were waiting for me to go for a practice row. The boats for the river tour launched from the Harvard Boathouse. Does this say old money or what?
Daughter#1 got me interested in crew when she took up the sport as a freshman in high school. It's an interest we've shared ever since. She was also in Boston and coxing her own crew - a Women's Senior Masters 4+ from Saugatuck Rowing Club. Here she is coxing her 4+ off the trailer.
And coxing them onto the floating docks to launch and row up to the start line. The docks are both slippery and rocky.
Daughter#1 getting into the 4+. It's what's called a bow loader. That means the coxswain sits in front rather than in back. Great for seeing what's ahead and steering, but not so good at seeing what is coming up behind you or keeping an eye on your crew.
Here is a video of Daughter#1's boat as it approaches and goes under Eliot Bridge. The bridge is about 1,000 meter from the finish.
Here is my crew right before we launched for our race. I think it's pretty easy to see why I'm coxing the boat and not one of the rowers. At least this year.
A special thank you to Wintech who let us borrow one of their new Medalist shells for the race so we didn't have to trailer a boat. Here we walk the boat from their display area to the launch dock. I'm in total denial of the gray hair.
On the launch dock - trying not to drop the boat as the dock swayed under our feet.
Pushing away from the dock.

Bow 4 takes us away from the dock. My head is down trying to set the proper volume on the cox box so everyone in the boat can hear my commands.

It was a beautiful day and a successful row for us even though our finish in the Club Standings would indicate otherwise. I can't wait to go back.

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