Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday Ride

Daughter#2 drove up from Harrisonburg Thursday night to see and old high school friend that was back in town and stayed Thursday night with us. She brought her bike so we could take a ride on Friday. Friday was cold and we waited to lunchtime hoping it would get onto the 60s as promised. By 11:00 it was still in the upper 40s so we bit the bullet and bundled up for our ride. We wanted to stay close to home so we decided to go on the bike trail that runs along Rt 123. We parked the car in Lorton and rode up to Fairfax, a distance of about 11 miles ad had lunch at Noodles and Company. Ann drove up to Noddles (slacker!) to join us. Lunch really hit the spot although eating a bowl of Japanese Pan Noodles with hot sauce and then riding back to Lorton may not have been the greatest of choices. Daughter#2 right before we headed off on our ride:

With Daughter#2 visiting, it seemed the perfect opportunity to see how the latest batch of home brew turned out. Its British Pale Ale and it turned out quite tasty if I do say so myself. Daughter#2 liked it and wanted to take some home, but we both forgot to pack her some when the time came for her to drive home. I'll hold a few bottles for her and the Son In Law until the next time we see them. Next up I want to try some Scottish Ale.

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