Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (Thanksgiving)

With less than twenty-fours to go before we sit down and celebrate Thanksgiving, we have no idea who will be coming to dinner. Seriously. It's messed up. Besides Ann and myself, since we are hosting, the list of invitees included my uncle and his wife, his grown son (my cousin) and his wife and The Son. My uncle's wife called today to confirm they were coming and what they are bringing - an appetizer and pumpkin and sweet potato pies. During the course of the phone conversation it came up that my uncle's wife and my cousin's wife are not on speaking terms (even though they share a two bedroom apartment). My uncle's wife couldn't confirm whether my cousin and his wife are coming or not and we haven't heard from them. Hmmm...great. In addition, The Son is mad at us because we had the audacity to suggest that he should actually go to work this week instead of sitting in his condo playing the latest upgrade/expansion to WoW. So we're not sure if he'll show. This is shaping up as one weird Thanksgiving. On an up note, we'll have plenty of leftovers. Mmmmmm.

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