Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sore Foot

A few weeks ago, my left foot began giving me a bit of a problem. Apparently I have developed a plantar wart on the ball of that foot. I ignored it at first, but over time, it began to hurt more and more. By this past Friday, I couldn't put any weight on the ball of my foot because it just hurt too badly to do so. Obviously something had to be done. Should I go to my primary doctor, to my dermatologist, or to somewhere like Urgent Care? I figured if I went to my dermatologist, they would freeze it much like they do anything that looks suspicious during my yearly checkup. (Note: fair skin people, like myself, who let themselves get sunburned like crazy over and over growing up need to be checked out every year.) I remembered from one of my weekly visits to the grocery store, that someone had come up with an over the counter do it yourself freeze kit. So I decided to skip the medical professionals and treat myself. Turns out the kit is made by Compound W and consists of three parts - a base that contains the freezing agent, a foam q-tip and a small handle/actuator. The disposable q-tip locks into this handle/actuator and the q-tip is inserted into the base with the handle actuator interlocking with the base to prevent whatever is in the base that freezes the foam q-tip. It does say keep away from your face though. I assembled everything and pressed down on the base. A hissing sound ensued and after a very short time (3 seconds) removed the handle/q-tip. The foam q-tip indeed looked frozen. I held the q-tip to the wart and heard some sizzling noises. I assume that's a good thing since the idea is to freeze burn the wart. Per the instructions, I held the q-tip on the wart for 30 seconds or so. It didn't hurt and also didn't look significantly different from when I had started. I slapped a bandaid over it and put on clean socks. Hopefully this will kill off the wart although I've read that plantar warts go deep and freezing may or may not work. Shortly after the treatment, I tried putting on a sneaker. That didn't go well at all. It felt like a blister had formed and it didn't like being smushed into such tight confines. I went shoeless the rest of the day. The next day, I removed the bandaid after my shower and checked it out. Despite what i thought felt like a blister, there was no evidence of one. Not sure what was going on there. Again the wart didn't look much different than before the treatment and it's still sore as hell. I'm still having difficulty walking and I'm trying not to put any weight on the ball of my foot. I'm suppose to wait two weeks before trying to treat it again. If this at home treatment doesn't work, I think I'll go back to the professionals and let my dermatologist handle it. This is turning out to be much more of a pain in the ass then I bargained for.

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