Friday, November 7, 2008

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

It doesn't get any better than this. At least for the first week in November. The sun is out and it feels wonderfully warm. The temperature is in the low 70s. I couldn't resist taking advantage of the nice weather and slipping over to Sandy Run for a lunch time row. It seems like it has been ages since I've been out in a single. The wind was very light. Just occasional ripples across the water. It appears that they've already turned off the water at the park or at least the sprinkler system on the dock as the dock was covered in goose poop. I had to wend my way walking the oars and the single down to the dock so I didn't step in any. I placed the oars in the oarlocks, stepped into the boat, tied in my feet (actually the shoes use velcro) and pushed off the dock. Rowing a single is a lot like riding a bike. Once you learn the balance, you never really forget it. The boat seemed to jump with each stroke of the oars. It felt great being out on the water again. The trees are a little pass their prime now, but still look beautiful. Being a Friday, there were hardly any other boaters on the water. A few fisherman and a couple of kyakers. It was so quiet except for the sound of my oars and the rippling sound of the water rushing along the hull. I rowed up to Fountainhead Park and back for a total of 7 miles. I have to tell you though, it was hard. My conditioning level has really fallen off. I was pretty happy getting back to the dock. I can still feel the row in my shoulders, upper arms, my butt and my quads. I really need to get back into a schedule of regular exercise. But it was definitely time well spent.

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