Monday, February 9, 2009

Dad's 80th Birthday - Part I

Before I get into discussing our trip to Florida to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday, let me digress a bit. In this post I lamented about our lack of snow despite our cold weather and how it would probably snow the week I was in sunny California. Low and behold it happened. So while I still haven't seen any snow, Ann and Rosie have

As I mentioned in my previous post, Ann, Daughter#2, The Son In law and Rosie drove down to Florida to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday and to also give Daughter #2 a chance to meet with her advisor and current professor (different people) at the University of Florida. The birthday party wasn't until Saturday and we drove down Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. It was a long drive. We stayed at my dad's girlfriend's condo for the days we were in Florida. It's always a bit weird saying my father's girlfriend. Anyway as evidence below, the trip was more tiring for some than for others.

I also mentioned that it was cold in Florida. Apparently the longest sustained cold snap in like 13 years. Just our luck. We had to bundle up every time we went outside to walk Rosie. A picture of Ann and Rosie on the Cocoa Beach. They were only on the beach long enough for the picture as dogs aren't allowed on the beach, numerous sightings of dog prints on the beach to the contrary.

We didn't have a lot to do waiting for the party so we just hung out and walked the dog, ate out a lot, surfed the web on Daughter#2's laptop via "borrowed" wireless Internet signals from the neighbors in the condo and enjoyed various adult beverages. Here I am on one of our dog walks.

Daughter#1 and The Fiance joined us on Friday. They were brave enough to take a walk on the beach. I stayed inside with the dog and sent Ann along with the camera. Did I mention it was cold?

Friday evening we went to Rusty's Seafood and Oyster Bar to enjoy some seafood and cold beer. Rusty's is usually our traditional last night party place. Even though it wasn't our last night, it was the last night we would have an opportunity to eat out before the birthday party. Much clams, shrimp and Amber Bock was consumed. Ann was tired and elected to stay at the condo with Rosie. From the left, The Fiance, Daughter#1, The Son In Law and Daughter#2. Speaking of Daughter#2, on her stop over at the University of Florida she ran into Tim Tebow, the Florida quarterback. The girl she was with at the time ran up to him and requested an autograph. Daughter#2 had no idea who he was, of course, until he was gone and the new friend explained to her who he was. Still a pretty remarkable coincidence.

On Saturday morning, the day of the party, Daughter#2 and The Son In Law decided to try their hand at kayaking. It had warmed up a bit, maybe low 60s although with the wind it didn't feel like it. I drove them over to the Banana River and Calema Windsurfing and Watersports so they could give it a try. Here they begin to suit up for their row.
Here they get a few pointers from the owner of the rental shop. Turns out he use to live in Falls Church and attended George Mason University for two years. It is a small world after all. I wasn't thrilled when he told them they really should be wearing wet suits given the water temperature.

I lend a helping hand carrying their paddles for them down to the water.

While Daughter#2 and The Son In law carry their tandem kayak down to the water.

They load up while The Fiance and I prepare to launch them on their way.

And they're off. They got a bit wet and cold and it took them a while to get their act together so they were paddling together right, but all in all they had a good time and that's what counts.

Next up, the birthday party itself and our family reunion.

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