Thursday, January 22, 2009

Post Inauguration Post

For someone whose sole day into the office is today, I have very little to write about. Granted I have been working from home, but still. Our city is still in the thralls of its inauguration bliss. All those people. All those smiles. All the cheering. The parade finishing in the dark. The ridiculousness that is Inaugural Balls and the endless chatter about what Michelle would wear. Do people really care that much? Those millions of people are making their way home although US Airways seems not to be helping that much with their massive screw up at National Airport. Their excuse? Too much luggage. Pretty weak.

I don't actually get into the city very much considering I live than 25 miles away and have a variety of options to get there - car, train and bus. Tomorrow, however I will be going downtown to see my Dermatologist for my annual exam. For those of us that are fair skinned and who use to let themselves routinely get sunburned, sometimes badly, on an annual basis growing up, such exams are a necessity. I have had a few suspicious looking spots surgically removed, but on the whole I've done pretty well. Daughter#1 had some removed right before the holidays so I know she's regretting those Sumner vacations at Cocoa Beach where she fried herself in the name of a good tan.

Next week I will be leaving the cold of the mid-Atlantic and heading to sunny California for a week. It's a business trip and most of my time will be spent cooped up in a conference room listening to endless Power Point presentations. Lets hope they have donuts.

Speaking of the cold, our temperatures have been averaging below normal for weeks now. Not only that, but we've received no snow. Zero. Zippy. Nada. Raleigh got 6 inches this week for heavens sake. Where is the justice? Our intrepid weatherman here showed a satellite picture recently and our area is surrounded by snow cover. North, West and South and we're in the middle - this big ugly brown spot. It will probably snow when I'm on the west coast and be melted by the time I return.

The soap opera that is The Son's condo continues. The "leak" complaint is back from his downstairs neighbor. I suppose the complaint is real enough, but the leak isn't on The Son's living level, rather it's somewhere between the floors. The way the Condo Association's by-laws are written, who is responsible for the leak is depending on where the leak is. Right now The Son is dealing with the neighbor and the Condo Association on the matter. His position and rightfully so I think, is until the downstairs neighbor opens up their ceiling to see where the leak is coming from, The Son is not responsible. He was suppose to talk to the Condo Association on how this has been handled in the past. If it's not one thing, it's another.


Hillary said...

We haven't had a decent snowstorm in years. It's not fair. If I have to be cold, I'd like to at least enjoy a good snowstorm to go with it.

Frank said...

Amen Sister! We are way overdue.