Monday, April 6, 2009

First Ride for 2009

Yesterday was one of those spring days that you live for. It was sunny and warm without being hot. The humidity was low so you didn't sweat standing in the sun. The warm sun just felt so good. The weather forecast had called for such a day so I had planned on hitting the Occoquan for my first row. However, Ann indicated that she wanted to go on a bike ride so I changed my plans and we decided to go for a ride on the W&OD Trail. Come the actual day, Ann backed out on the ride so I changed my plans again and planned to go for a row. I had originally dressed to bike so the change in plans necessitated a change from bike shorts to rowing shorts. I started grabbing everything I needed to go for a row. Usually as Spring rolls around, I manage to forget a thing or two until I'm use to the new routine. So I grabbed the keys to the boathouse, my seat pad, a bottle of water, cell phone, wallet and car keys. Right before I was to drive away it occurred to me that I might want to check the Internet to see if George Mason was hosting one of the two Regattas they run in the Spring. I sat down on the computer and checked in with Row 2K and lo and behold, the Occoquan Sprints was being held. Oops. No rowing for me. So it was back upstairs to change back into my bike gear. It was also getting to be late morning making the ride out to Dulles to get out on the Trail a no go. So I pumped up my tires and took out the Felt on a local ride. I did about 15 miles and it felt pretty good. I didn't have any real problems getting my feet in and out of the pedals although I did almost have an accident just waiting at a traffic light. I had my left foot out of the pedal with my right foot still clipped in. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but the bike started leaning to the right and I felt it slowly move past the point of no return. By this time a car had pulled up behind me and I'm screaming inside my head "Get your foot out! Get your foot out!" I did mange to get my right foot out, but just barely. I'm sure the driver behind me thought I was a real spaze. Except for that incident, the ride was uneventful and enjoyable. Finishing up my legs did feel a bit sore and tight. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not in mid-summer shape yet or it's because I'm using different muscles as I pedal. Time will tell I suppose. After the ride, I had a a lunch of leftover beanie wienies (yum) and then went out on our deck to enjoy the sun. This weekend marked my switch over from the darker beers/ales to lighter beers, specifically Corona. It certainly hit the spot. Ann joined me for a bit, but she's the type that always has to be doing something. The idea of just sitting enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face is just foreign to her. Her loss. I certainly believe in the slacking off, especially on weekends.

For dinner, Ann whipped up a Thanksgiving type dinner with a turkey breast (it was suppose to be a whole turkey, but I grabbed the wrong thing at the grocery store), mashed potatoes, gravy, the whole deal. Between the big dinner, the bike ride, the sunning and the beer and the fact there was nothing on TV, I ended up going to bed by 9:00 and I was still tired this morning. I cut some major Zzzzs on the van this morning on the way to work. I expect more of the same on the ride home.

Friday was my day off, but didn't manage to do anything "fun". I paid bills and made a run to Target and watched some TV on the DVR as it was getting very close to being full.

Saturday was warm but very windy. Not counting gusts into the 30s, it blew steady at 17 ro 18 MPH. Not conducive to rowing or bike riding. I did go the grocery store for our weekly groceries. Not too exciting. For our evening I tuned in to watch the Final Four games. I was pleased to see Michigan State eliminate Connecticut. I can't really put my finger on it, but I just don't like Connecticut. Maybe it's all the hype they receive year after year. Not that it isn't deserved, but it gets old. So it was good to see them go. Go Spartans! The second game was over pretty quickly. Villanova was cold and UNC wasn't. I fell asleep before half time.

That was my weekend. What did you do for fun this weekend?

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