Monday, March 30, 2009

Bachelor Weekend

This weekend was a bachelor weekend for me. Ann headed up to Connecticut with Daughter#2 for a bridal shower for Daughter#1. So it was me and Rosie on our own. And what did I do with all my free time? Wild parties? Drunken orgies? Alas it wasn't so. Mostly I sat around and watched a lot of college sports. Friday was a work day so not much opportunity to get into trouble even though I was working from home. The big decision was what to have for dinner. It being Lent, I was somewhat limited in my choices - no meat. I had already had a fish sandwich for lunch so that was out. I considered a veggie pizza or one with anchovies, but The Son and I were getting together on Saturday for pizza so that was out. After putting it off to about 8:00PM, I decided to go Chinese and got an order of General Tso's shrimp. Not quite as good as General Tso's chicken, but certainly tasty. The shrimp were huge, which was a pleasant surprise. While eating dinner I watched the basketball tournament and watched my brackets tank some more with Memphis bowing out. This would be a recurring theme for the weekend.

Saturday dawned grey and rainy. Another drizzly day. It's like I have been transported to jolly England. I bailed on erging and surfed around on the Internet before meeting The Son for pizza. While there we watched Maryland play Virginia in men's lacrosse. And watched and watched. By 2:00Pm I had had enough and left to pick up some groceries for dinner. They ended up playing 7 Sudden Death Overtimes before Virginia finally won. I found it remarkable about the lack of shot taking by either side during these overtimes. The defenses were good for both sides, but not that good. After securing Brats and macaroni salad for dinner, I came home and settled in for more college sports action. I watched Boston University dismantle Ohio State in hockey. Who doesn't take delight in watching Ohio State get beat regardless of the sport? I also found it ironic that the commentators kept remarking how much bigger the players form BU where than Ohio State. You don't hear that much either. The Son showed up in the evening and I made him cook dinner. I figured I paid for lunch and bought the stuff for dinner, he could at least cook it. When the Brats were finally done, I heard a crash out on the deck where the grill was, but didn't think much about it. Apparently The Son had slipped on the wet deck (did I mention in addition to the grey and drizzle we now had fog to boot?) and spilled the Brats and knocked over the ash tray that sits under the grill. Yes I still use charcoal. Somehow during the crash, the Brats ended up on the deck and in the ash. 2 of the Brats went missing (or were deemed uneatable by The Son) and toward the end of mine I detected the slight crunchiness of ash so I think his effort to clean the Brats weren't 100% successful. Still it was a hearty fare and we settled in to watch the Villanova vs Pitt game. Those that watched saw Villanova make a last second shot to beat Pitt and destroy any final chance I had for picking the winner of the tournament. Oh well there is always next year. I was in bed asleep by 11:00 because I know how to party hard given the opportunity. Sunday it was all about crew. First I went to my erg class and got in 10,000 meters and then I had to go to a meeting of my rowing club as we work to get our 2009 season set up. The meeting lasted a mind numbing 3 1/2 hours. Ugh! At least my part (the budget) was taken care of last month. So registration is set to begin on Wednesday.

Ann and Daughter#2 returned from Connecticut while I was at my meeting. Apparently the shower was a big success and the pot luck dinner and bar crawl (which lasted all of one bar) went well as well. Daughter#2 did a great job at arranging everything especially since she lives 7 hours from where the festivities took place. Daughter#2 also made sailor t-shirts (the wedding is having a nautical theme) for the girls to wear out to the bar. I'll try to post some pictures once I can get some from Daughter#1.

So overall it was a pretty quiet weekend for me. The dog (Rosie) survived even though being separated from her Mom (Ann) whom she follows around like a shadow. The Son got three decent meals (he also came over for Sunday dinner) and the wedding festivity's are off to a good start. Its only 60 days away now. We're getting excited if not a lot poorer.

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