Saturday, March 17, 2007

Round 1

Round 1 is in the Books and I'm already feeling a bit sleep deprived and my eyes a little bloodshot. So far I've done ok with my brackets. Nine misses out of 32 games, including two sweet 16 misses. Its what I get for listening to the experts and for picking against Virginia. and Ga Tech? Learn to rebound in the last minute of the game. God. Virginia Tech also took a few years off my life last night with their win over Illinois. They need to learn how to shoot the ball, including foul shots. That was just ugly. Congratulations to Winthrop for finally winning a tournament game. Go Big South. What a great recruiting tool that must be for Winthrop though. They win the Big South almost every year. Must be quite an incentive to be able to tell a recruit "Hey you want to play in the Big Dance? Come to Winthrop. We go every year. Sign right here."

The weather totally sucked yesterday. Rained all day before switching over to sleet and snow. Daughter #1 got sent home early from her job, which really to adults, is like getting a snow day when you were a kid. Connecticut got a lot more snow than us, of course. It will be another cold day here with temperature hanging in the 30s. Perfect day for a fire, basketball and a cold beer...or two.

Hope you all have a happy St. Patty's Day. Remember to celebrate in a safe adult manner. Pass the green beer. Time to go erg.

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