Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Round 2

About all I did over the weekend (actually Thursday through Sunday) was watch basketball. And drink some beer while watching basketball. After the way the results came in, I'm glad I had plenty of beer on hand. Saturday had to be one of the most exciting days of basketball I've ever witnessed what with all the close games. the overtimes! Double overtime! That said every team I was routing for went down on Saturday and Sunday. Maryland? Lost to Butler. Virginia Tech? Lost to Southern Illinois in a third straight ugly-as-sin shooting performance. Xavier? Lost to Ohio State after a gutless no call flagrant foul by OSU's Greg Oden. At least Xavier could have defended their 3 point arc with 6 seconds left. Virginia? Lost in a heart breaker to Tennessee. So much for my prediction Tennessee would be gone in the first round. Winthrop? Downed by the Ducks of Oregon. VCU? Loses to Pitt in OT. Of course there were a few good developments. Texas is gone as is Kentucky and Louisville. I wasn't happy to see Wisconsin lose, but a few upsets are good for the tournament. Obviously my sweet sixteen bracket is in shambles. Only 8 teams I picked made it. I do have have Georgetown and Florida in the finals and those picks still look good at this point. I'm always somewhat amazed (but pleased, of course) when I see a team like Texas not make it to the Final Four. Lets face it, Texas athletics has all the money in the world, athletic facilities second to none, a deep pocketed, involved alumni base and able to attract almost any recruit they desire. So when they're bounced out in the Round of 32, the same as say Winthrop, it makes the world a little bit fairer for a day. Of course the fact that they got eliminated by Southern Cal, another athletic powerhouse with lots of money and rich alumni (plus beaches!) is not lost on me.

There was no getting onto the water this weekend to row. The weather was too cold. it was way to windy. I did force myself to erg on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a total of 22,000 meters. Spring comes at 8:00PM, so hopefully the weather will start to improve (please).

In a Daughter #1 update, the boyfriend made her a Filet Mignon dinner Saturday night. I didn't get to ask her if they partied Saturday night in honor of St. Patrick. Considering she lives within two blocks of two Irish bars (you can hear the singing on summer nights), one would only hope she had a pint or two. Lets just pray it was Miller Lite.

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