Thursday, March 29, 2007

Treat Day

In general, I like my job. Its interesting and pays decent for a civil servant gig. Without doubt though, the highlight of the week is treat day. Every Thursday one of my workmates (at least those that participate) bring in goodies. There are about 16 that are a part of this, so my time to provide treats is once every four months or so. Now being a guy it doesn't take much to please me foodwise, but really if your bringing in treats there are a few simple rules. The first is you need your main dish. For some (like me) who don't or can't bring in something cooked the night before, this means bagels. For a lot of others, its some form of scrambled egg casserole. The only other rule to this is provide something that lends itself to constant nibbling through out the morning. I like to bring in mini donuts. I bring in both kinds - powdered sugar coated or chocolate covered. I also bring grapes for the more healthy eaters among us. Anything beyond this is pure gravy. Greatly appreciated for sure. Muffins? Great. Some sort of danish or bread, like banana bread? Yummy. Assorted cookies? (Chocolate chip - Mmmmm) Bring it on. What I find fault with are those that miss the point that this is primarily a breakfast deal. Hence, the need for your bagels or eggs. Don't give me cake or pie for breakfast. I know you're a great cook, but it just doesn't work. Don't make the minor foods, like banana bread your main course. Its a supplement. And forget anything that has peanut butter and coconut in it. Not appropriate plus I don't like them. Rules to live by. Today it was bagels, but they were all plain bagels so a few points off for that. Variety is good with bagels. I love an everything bagel. Sausage was provided so bonus points. There are two types of grapes to nibble on every time I pass the treat desk. No sweets like donuts or cookies though. I'll give today a "B". Hmmm wonder whats for dinner tonight.


Erin said...

Yo frank! try fixing somet BUSCUITS & GRAVY next time eh? bring in your crockpot to bring it back to temp before serving, contact yours truely for a "recipe." Also, do the ol' catholics in your office ban together on Fridays during lent? What a great way to build camaraderie... uhhh..?

Frank said...

As much as I'm sure my coworkers would love biscuits and gravy, I mean this is the area from whence Scapple is considered a delicacy, dragging a crockpot on the van is more work then I want to do. Not to mention the spillage possibilities as we stop short for a light. Let them eat bagels! I'm not sure what the Catholics at work do on Fridays since I'm never in the office on Fridays. I havent't heard of anything though.