Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Friday

Friday was a nice taste of spring. Gentle breezes and warm sun (most of the time). Some daffodils blooming. It was a joy to walk the dogs rather than an endurance against the cold and wind while they decide what blade of grass suited their purpose. The sun felt really nice against my skin. I hope spring is here to stay.

Friday was my day off so I try to take the opportunity to sleep in, if sleeping until 7:30 is sleeping in. The morning was spent paying bills before heading out to lunch at the Hard Times Cafe. Usually I get their chili since that's what they're known for, but chili didn't seem quite right given the warm temperature. I opted for the fish and chips instead. They also have a nice selection of microbrew beers, which I like.

Then we were off to Target to stock up on dog food. I can't imagine what some of the pet owners are going through losing their pets to tainted dog and cat food. Its tough losing a pet. It really is like losing a family member, ever if they're furry and walk on all fours.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the weather out on our deck until dinnertime. Usually on Friday everyone is tired of cooking so we opt for pizza from the local pizza joint. They make an excellent pizza and they have a three topping special. Last night it was bacon, onions and mushroom. Yum.

If the weather holds and doesn't rain, the plan is to go row a double today. So far its cloudy, but not raining. Rowing in the rain isn't that much fun, especially this time of year.

The NCAA tournament continues to unfold with some exciting games although the high seeds are managing to pull games out in the end. I have Florida and Georgetown in the finals and they're both playing pretty well right now. Vanderbilt almost upset Georgetown last night, but their 3-point shooting deserted them when they needed them at the end of the game.

Daughter#1 update: She assured me she had Harp for St Patrick's Day. As a parent, its rewarding to know that you raised them right. Its the little things.

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