Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

A Happy Easter to you all. This is a special day for most of us regardless of our individual beliefs. Congratulations for those of you who actually made it to church. I didn't, but did contemplate about the holiday while on my solitary walks with the dogs. I figure that counts for something.

How weird is it to have a thunderstorm early in the week and snow later in the week? We've had both. The snow wasn't much - maybe an inch if that, but still. The average temperature here in Virginia is suppose to be 65 degrees this time of year. We shouldn't be having snow and the high temperature today shouldn't just be in the 40s, if we're lucky. This is totally messing up my rowing and biking schedules.

This was payday weekend so we tend to do a lot of shopping and eating out before all the money runs out. We did Red Lobster for lunch on Friday and had Pizza from the Pizza Gourmet on Friday night. The son took us out for lunch on Saturday to Bar J. The good news was the food was as good as usual and the Dos Equis was cold. The bad news was the cute red haired waitress wasn't working yesterday.

Apparently my recent erg pieces have gone to my head giving me delusions of grandeur. These delusions have me convinced I can hold certain 500 meter splits longer than I can. It all came crashing down on me this weekend when I rowed so so 5,000 meter and 30:00 minute pieces by starting out too fast and dying at the end. Our Sunday morning rowing class is cancelled for today because of Easter, but I'll try another 30:00 minute row today on my own with more realistic opening splits.

Being the good husband that I am, I'm now off to color Ann's hair. I do the touch up in between salon visits. It use to be a chore, but now I'm used to it and it does earn me a lot of points with the wife. I'm also in the midst of doing the weeks laundry. My Sunday's are always so exciting.

Daughter #1 Update. I haven't had a chance to talk about daughter #1 lately as she's been busy with work (she has a big trade show in NYC coming up this month), school (she's taking an on-line certificate course from UMASS (she got a perfect score on her most recent test - we're so proud)) and her bf. They're spending Easter with his parents. We appreciate them opening their home to her.

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