Thursday, April 12, 2007

If Its Thursday, Its almost the Weekend

Ah Thursday and in my world that means one thing - Treat Day. Today's Treat day gets a B. Fruit salad for the healthy eaters among us (not me). I just can't stand the taste of melons, whether it be watermelon, honey dews or cantelopes. They just taste nasty to me, so I'll skip that. Bagels from Panera Bread. Frankly their bagels are only so so. I can get comparable bagels from Giant or Safeway, which isn't a ringing endorsement. Also available are something akin to donut holes in chocolate covered and something that appear to be some sort of mini eclair. So today was ok, but nothing to write home about. Oh, also an angel food cake with strawberries to add. However, since the cake is all wrapped up, no one wants to be the first to dig in. Todays Treat person needs to prime the pump, so to speak, by unwrapping the cake and taking a piece. The rest of the vultures will dig in.

I got stuck driving the van in today and it sucked. Even on a nice day, driving in in the morning while its dark is a chore. Maryland needs to look into actually repainting some of their lane lines because I can't see them. What made it worse today was the rain. My way of coping was just to follow someone else and hope they didn't end up in a ditch. The up side to this is I can take my Treat Day sugar coma onto the van this afternoon and sleep all the way home.

I took my own advice and quit the "you fly, you die" philosophy while erging. My last two pieces have me back very close to my personal bests in the 30:00 minute row (within 4 meters) and the 5,000 meter row (within 6 seconds). I'm looking forward to getting off the erg and back on the water, but the weather is just not cooperating. I'm schedule to row a double on Friday, but the forecast is not looking promising. Where is spring?

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