Thursday, April 5, 2007

Light Show

Tuesday night we were hit with our first thunderstorm of the year. It came rolling through at 4:00 in the morning and I must say, its the most dramatic light and sound show I've been privy to in quite some time. I can accurately quote the time as our two little furry kids did not care at all for all the loud noise and if they were up they wanted to make sure we were up. During the last part of the storm, it rained so hard it sounded like the house had been placed under a waterfall. Maybe the thunderstorm was related the Baptist visit and my reluctance to visit their church? Usually thunderstorms happen during the warmer months and, in fact, Tuesday the temperatures had been in the 70s. Alas no more warm weather for a while as the temperature has dipped significantly with lows in the 20s and 30s at night and high 40s during the day. Bring back the heat!

Yesterday was my night to cook dinner. We had balsamic pork chops. They were good although The Son is tiring of pork chops on Weds regardless of how they are prepared. Looks like he might be headed out to St Louis on another business trip next weekend.

Treat day today earned a B+. Excellent egg casserole. No bagels though. There was some cheese danish, which was tasty but nothing really to nibble on other than a cheese ball. Not sure about a cheese ball in the morning. Hmmm..that sounded sort of porny.

Erged 5,000 meters yesterday with an ok row but not as fast as my previous two 5,000 meter pieces. Not sure if I'm just hitting a plateau or if I went out too fast. I'm suppose to row in a double tomorrow (Friday), but not sure if I want to row in the cold. We'll see.

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