Monday, March 16, 2009

Bracketology - Part I

All across the nation, worker productivity is tanking today as thousands scan their papers and/or the internet. For what? That golden nugget that will give them the insight to complete their NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Brackets. Seeding is discussed. Possible upsets dissected. Who will be this year's George Mason or will the power conferences prevail? Bets are placed and the masses drool while waiting the Thursday start. Like millions of others, I have completed my brackets although during my lunch hour. Honest! If I'm motivated, I'll scan my brackets and out it up otherwise lets get into it:

EAST Region

Pitt is the Number one seed in this region. They will beat East Tenn. Next up for Pitt would be the winner of the Oklahoma St/Tenn game. This game could go either way. I'm not a Tenn fan so I picked Ok St. No matter who wins though, either will lose to Pitt. I also have Fla St beating Wisconsin and Xavier to meet Pitt Sweet 16. I picked Pitt to beat Fla St. In the other half of the east bracket, I have my first upset pick with Virginia Commonwealth beating UCLA in the first round and continuing the trend with an upset of Villanova in the second round. I so want to pick American to upset Villanova in the first round, but I just can't do it. In the rest, Texas beats Minnesota and Duke beats Binghamton. In the second round, Duke takes out Texas and then Duke ends VCU's run. In the Elite 8 Pitt defeats Duke to go to the Final Four.

SOUTH Region

UNC is the number one seed in the south. As much as The Son would like to see his alma mater upset UNC, no 16 seed has ever beaten a number one seed and Radford will be no different. (Note: Arby's will give away a free Roast Burger to everyone if a 16 seed upsets a No1 seed) sad as that makes me. UNC will then meet Butler, who I picked to upset LSU. I picked UNC to beat Butler in the second round. I also picked Western Kentucky to upset Illinois and Gonzaga to beat Akron out of the MAC. I picked Gonzaga to beat W. Kentucky to go up against UNC in the Sweet 16. UNC beats Gonzaga to advance. In the other half of the South, I picked Arizona St to beat Temple in the first round, Syracuse to beat Stephen F. Austin, Clemson to beat Michigan and Oklahoma to beat Morgan St. In the second round, Oklahoma beats Clemson and Syracuse beats Arizona St. Syracuse continues its run and beats Oklahoma to force a match up with UNC. In a mild upset, Syracuse beats UNC to get to the Final Four.

I'll put up my picks for the West and Midwest Regions tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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